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Features by Year

Included here is an attempt at identifying significant changes chronologically to present. This information is not complete and has been verified only to the extent possible using information available from DaimlerChrysler, knowledgeable individuals from the Viper community, and the Viper Club of America Discussion Forums . There is a lot of disinformation out there that we don't want perpetuate. Please forward any additions, corrections or suggestions by clicking here.

Exterior/Interior Color Combinations
RT/10 GTS ACR SRT-10 Body Color Code Color '92 '93 '94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03
        PRN: Viper Red  
        PRN: Viper Red            
        PRN: Viper Red                
        PRN: Viper Red                        
        PRN: Viper Red
        PRN: Viper Red
        PX3: Black    
        PX3: Black                
        PX3: Black                
        PX3: Black                        
        PX3: Black
        PX3: Black
        PX3: Black
        PJE: Dandelion Yellow      
        PGQ: Emerald Green      
        PW1: Stone White
        PW1: Stone White1
        PW1: Stone White2
        SBE: Viper GTS Blue            
        SBE: Viper GTS Blue
        SBE: Viper GTS Blue3
        SBE: Viper GTS Blue
        SBE: Viper GTS Blue4
        PA9: Silver              
        PA9: Silver                
        PA9: Silver                        
        PA9: Silver
        PA9: Silver
        PS6: Steel Gray5                  
        PS6: Steel Gray
        PYR: Race Yellow                    
        PYR: Race Yellow
        PBW: Deep Sapphire Blue                    
        PBW: Deep Sapphire Blue                    
        PBW: Deep Sapphire Blue
        ZDR: Graphite Metallic                      
        ZDR: Graphite Metallic                      
1 - Only 3 built
2 - GT-2
3 - Strips through the plate area
4 - Special Viper Club of America raffle car
5 - Special Viper Club of America raffle car, RT/10 ACR

Wheel Combinations
RT/10 GTS ACR SRT-10 Size Description '92 '93 '94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03
        17" Painted 3 Spoke                        
        17" Chrome 5 Spoke                        
        17" Forged Chrome 5 Spoke                        
        17" Forged Chrome 5 Spoke, Shinier                        
        17" White 5 Spoke1                        
        17" Yellow 5 Spoke2                        
        17" Yellow 5 Spoke2                        
        17" Silver 5 Spoke3                        
        17" Gold 5 Spoke2                        
        18" Silver BBS4                        
        18" Silver BBS                        
        18" Black BBS5                        
        18" Chrome 5 Wide Spoke                        
        19" Chrome 10 Spoke                        
1 - White cars only
2 - Red cars only
3 - Black cars only
4 - GT-2 cars only
5 - Special Viper Club of America raffle car, RT/10 ACR

Variations by Year


  1. Initial introduction in mid-1992 model year
    Limited production two-seat roadster (RT/10)
    Exterior color: Red
    Interior color: Gray
  2. Engines built by Arrow Racing in Detroit
    Motor oil filler cap is held in with two extended ends & the hole in valve cover is also notched for the extended ends.
    Motor paint is bright red & glossy. It looks like the red body color.
    Four ribbed magnesium intake
  3. Fuel filler door has access notch in body
  4. Battery center mounted and accessible only through the trunk
  5. Driver-side rear fender radio antenna
  6. Right side mirror did not say "Objects are closer than they appear"
  7. Front brake caliper lettering reads "VIPER"
  8. Soft Top material is Vinyl
  9. Soft top latch holes on windshield frame have metal plate with 2 rivets & hole for latch.
  10. Plastic stanchion cover on both doors has one hold down screw with 4 clips underneath to hold in place.
  11. Removable rear window has 3 solid plastic brackets that are supposed to snap onto the lower snap points along the ledge behind the seats.
  12. Cooling system has standard "radiator cap" and an over flow bottle tucked into the inner fender area below the passenger side headlight
  13. Fuel filler door notch in body
  14. Rear valance has solid black area below bumper with four ~ 3/8" long vent holes in the corners.
  15. Coolant Temperature gage has "Yellow Zone"
  16. Michelin XGTZ Tires


  1. Black exterior color introduced
  2. Engine production moved to Mound Road Engine Plant
  3. Engine color is a darker shade of red with a flat rough finish.
  4. Motor oil filler cap changed to a threaded cap # 4573497 with "oil filler can" imprint and the valve cover is changed to accept this threaded cap.
  5. Air conditioning added as a dealer installed option
  6. Rocker exhaust covers have clear anti-chip tape on the front and sides in 3 places on both sides.
  7. Plastic stanchion cover on both doors has 4 screws fastening the stanchion cover in place (no clips as on the '92)
  8. Soft top latch holes on windshield frame have molded plastic cap with hole for latch.
  9. Removable rear window has snaps mounted in 3 flexible black leather tabs which snap to fixed snap buttons mounted on the ledge behind the rear seats.
  10. At approx. build date 04/04/93 following changes occurred:
    1. Rear antenna replaced by windshield antenna wire
    2. Battery relocated to left rear fender (side away from fuel filler to make room for BUX rear exit exhaust)
    3. Front caliper lettering changed from "VIPER" to "RT/10"
    4. Reverse lockout added to transmission
    5. Top Material Changed from Vinyl to Cloth
Running Changes:
  • Fuel filler door access notch moved to fuel filler door instead of being in the body
  • Rear valance has solid black area below bumper with 6 large vent holes ~ 5 3/8" long x 7/8" high. Four are in the center


  1. Additional exterior colors: Emerald Green, Bright Yellow
  2. Black dash and tan interior available
  3. Passenger assist handle (introduced late in model year)
  4. Air Conditioning available as a factory option
  5. Mobil one becomes engine factory fill, Oil filler cap recieves "Mobil One" logo applicate
  6. Coolant temperature gauge has "Yellow Zone" removed, replaced with red zone only
Running Changes:
  • Late in year head gasket material was changed
  • Four ribbed magnesium intake replaced with three rib aluminum intake
  • Spark plug wires and boots upgraded
  • "Pull out" hood latches used instead of "pull down" latches
  • Calipers returned to "Viper"
  • Rear valance has no vent holes
  • RT/10 calipers were originally intended for BUX Vipers only, once they were all used up, the "Viper" calipers returned.
  • Several Euro-Spec Vipers were made with side marker lights, tow hooks, and quieter side exhausts.
  • BUX Vipers also have engines rated at slightly lower output.


  1. Passenger assist handle (first full model year)
  2. Alignment specifications refined
  3. Factory hardtop available
  4. Seat cushion storage pockets
  • '95 model year cars had many of the body panel rivets removed for a cleaner appearance.
  • Last year of production at Mack Avenue Viper plant (facility revamped to manufacture new V-8 engines)
  • Last 300 cars made at New Mack pin stamped near passenger side window pillar on foot box "Last 300 side exhaust"


  1. Exterior design themes: Red with yellow wheels, Black with silver stripe and silver wheels, White with blue stripe and white wheels, stripes are "sabre-tipped"
  2. Higher output engine (415 hp, 488 lb.-ft. torque)
  3. All-aluminum front and rear suspension systems
  4. Rear exit exhaust introduced to U.S. RT/10's
  5. Five-spoke cast wheels with MXX3 Michelin Tires
  • First year of production at Connner Avenue Assembly Plant (CAAP) (Formerly a Champion Spark Plug facility).
  • Reverb canister removed from corrugated intake hoses
  • OBD-II
  • Exhaust and intake changes allowed engine to be tuned to 415 hp.
  • The inner hood of is from the upcoming GTS and has the openings to facilitate louvres.
  1. Coupe body style introduced spring 1996
  2. Viper GTS Blue with white stripe color scheme, completely new "lightweight" engine with higher compression ratio and revised camshaft and forged pistons for increased power - 450 bhp (335 kW)
  3. New Body Features:
    • Coupe (hardtop and hatchglass) body style
    • NACA hood duct
    • Hood louvres
    • Rear venting outboard from tail the taillights
    • Racing style quick-release aluminum fuel filler door
    • High-mounted stoplight features LED backlit Viper emblem
    • Power (glass) windows
    • External door "handles"
    • Five-spoke polished cast aluminum wheels
  4. Completely new black interior featuring:
    • Manually adjustable accelerator, brake and clutch pedals contolled by knob located under instrument panel
    • Rotating light switch (replaced push-pull knob of earlier models)
    • New dash and gauge layout featuring 200 mph speedometer, 7,000-RPM tachometer, engine coolant gauge, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge and volt meter
    • AM/FM stereo CD sound system
    • Storage compartments between seats featuring lower storage bin and upper storage pouch.
    • Driver and passenger side air bags
    • Black seats by new manufacturer (Johnson Controls)
    • Air conditioning becomes standard and now includes a "recirculation" feature.
  • Hood changed from RTM (Resin Transfer Mold) to SMC (Sheet Molded Compound)
  • First model with molded key heads with Viper logo
  • Only model that stripes continue through the license plate area.
  • Radio moved above climate controls (from below) for easier access.


  1. Viper GTS Blue with white stripes/blue interior accents
  2. Viper Red/red interior accents
  3. Sparkle silver wheel package standard
  4. Polished wheel package (optional)
  5. Gold wheel/tan interior package (optional)
  6. Yellow wheel/red accent interior package (optional)
  7. Lightweight engine with higher compression ratio and revised camshaft  - 450 BHP (335 kW)
  8. Driver and passenger air bags(c)
  9. Power windows
  1. Yellow wheel packag
  2. New Red exterior color


  1. Tubular stainless headers (24 lbs. lighter, unclaimed + 4hp)
  2. Camshaft change
  3. Next-generation driver air bag passenger air bag on/off switch on dash
  4. All: Silver exterior color
  5. All: Change from smooth to "textured" dash
  6. All: Small "Viper emblem" added to sill covers
  7. All: Alarm reset switch
  8. All: Silver exterior color
  9. All: Mid-year changes:
    • PCV upgrade
    • RDC added a fan
  1. Hood updated to be same as GTS with NACA duct.
  1. Optional Blue Center Stripes with Silver exterior color
  2. Optional Silver Center Stripes with Red exterior color
  3. GT2 Edition
    • Limited production run, in VIN sequence of 100 cars to Commemorate Le Mans victory.
    • 100 car Le Mans victory commemorative GT-2 Run
    • White with Blue Stripes
    • Smooth intake tubes and K&N air filters (Rated at 460 HP)
    • Special GT-2 Badging and decals
    • Blue interior theme
    • Racing harnesses with Oreca Logo
    • Rear Wing (set neutral)
    • 18" BBS Wheels with Viper logo center caps and Michelin Pilot Sport� tires
    • "Assembly Camera" in glove compartment
    • Lower side sill "ground effects"
    • Front fender "winglets"
  • GT-2 Viper only run of Vipers to date to be run down the line in VIN Sequence


  1. Cars now 50 state emissions certified
  2. Power mirrors
  3. Interior rear window/hatch release
  4. Interior updates
    • New door handles (boomerang)
    • New shifter knob
  5. Driving light covers removed
  6. Black exterior color
  7. 18" wide spoke aluminum wheels with Viper logo center caps
  8. Michelin Pilot Sport� tires
  9. Cognac Connolly� leather interior group
  1. Avaliable with or without silver stripes
    • Optional Silver Center Stripes with Black
    • Optional Silver Center Stripes with Red
  2. American Club Racer (ACR) Model introduced - spring 1999 introduction
    • Homologated for club racing
    • Smooth intake tubes and K&N air filters (Rated at 460 HP)
    • Special ACR Badging and decals
    • Black interior only
    • Racing harnesses with ACR Logo
    • 18" BBS Wheels
    • Koni Adjustable Shocks
    • Different Springs
    • Delete Fog lights, Radio (and antenna booster) and A/C
    • Optional comfort group option
      • Add Radio (and antenna booster)
      • Add A/C


  1. Lightweight cast pistons
  2. Revised Camshaft
  3. Child seat tether anchorage
  4. Viper Steel Gray exterior color
  1. Optional Silver Center Stripes with Viper Steel Gray
  1. 10 qt performance oil pan
  2. Dynamic Suspensions adjustable monotube shock absorbers
  3. New nameplate
  4. Spring rates changed 500 lb/in F and 1100 lb/in R at midyear


  1. Standard Four-Wheel Disc Anti-Lock Brakes
  2. Molded Key Heads with Viper Logo
  3. Viper Race Yellow - Black interior only for RT, GTS
  4. Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl Coat Exterior
  1. Trunk Internal Emergency Release
  1. Optional Black Center Stripes with Viper Race Yellow
  2. Optional Silver Center Stripes with Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl
  1. Optional Black Center Stripes with Viper Race Yellow
  2. Optional Silver Center Stripes with Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl
  3. Seat belt updates


  1. Updated ABS This apparently was only a part number change
  1. Final Edition announced. Last 300 cars to come in red with white stripes.


Previous body style discontinued.
Introduction of the SRT-10 and Competition Coupe.